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Washer and Dryer Repair in Summit County CO

When your washer and dryer won’t work, clothes pile up, along with your family’s stress level. Wash jerseys so they are clean in time for the big game or dry socks for your epic hike when you call All-Star Appliance Repair for small appliance repair in Summit County, CO.


Dryers can run at the wrong temperature, failing to dry your clothes in a timely manner. Running multiple cycles over and over again just to get your clothes dry shouldn’t be necessary. This might indicate a problem with your dryer. Repairing your dryer will save you time, it could also save money on your energy bill.


Any appliance that operates using water, like your washing machine, can be very stressful when it breaks. Flooding caused by overfilling, broken water lines, damaged intake valves, or clogged drains can cause damage beyond just your laundry room. If you see water coming out of any part of your washing machine, you should turn it off and shut off the water to the machine. Call for repair and inspect the floor so that you can dry it and prevent damage.

Other Common Problems

There are many common problems that can cause frustration when using the washer or dryer. The drum of either the washer or dryer becoming stuck, preventing your washer from spinning properly or your dryer from tumbling. Shocks in a washing machine can become stuck or broken so the the machine bounces loudly. Your machine may not fill or drain properly resulting in clothes that don’t get clean. No matter what the problem is, it is likely fixable so that you won’t have to purchase a new machine.

Call a Washing Machine Repair Tech

Don’t let your broken washer and dryer cause anxiety for your family. All-Star Appliance Repair can come right away for a quick and easy appraisal and repair.

washer dryer repair in Summit County, CO
washer dryer repair in Summit County, CO
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