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Refrigerator Repair in Summit County CO

A broken refrigerator can cause a multitude of problems. Leaks, temperatures that are too warm or too cold, loud fans, broken ice makers and more can all lead to headaches for a home owner. Use All Star Appliance Repair in Summit County to repair your refrigerator problems before they turn into bigger, more costly problems.


A refrigerator that leaks or leaves small puddles underneath it can inflict a vast amount of damage. Any time water sits on your floor it can begin to warp the floor, cause rot and mold, and ultimately, if undetected for too long, could lead to replacing all or some of your flooring. If you notice a leak under or behind your fridge, call for repair right away.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is also a very important function in a refrigerator. If your fridge is running too cold, or unevenly throughout the fridge, your foods can freeze. This can ruin foods, especially tender produce such as lettuce. If your refrigerator is running too warm, you may find harmful bacteria in your foods. A warm fridge can cause food to spoil or rot faster, it also has the potential to cause food poisoning. A refrigerator should consistently run at 40 degrees and a freezer should maintain 0 degrees. If you have tried to adjust your settings and you are still struggling to maintain a steady temperature, your fridge may need a check-up.

Minor Fridge Problems

Other problems may feel pesky and less urgent. Broken ice makers, a very loud fridge, broken shelves, drawers and lights, don’t have to be an everyday part of your kitchen. When your fridge is working properly you will have less stress and more joy in the kitchen.

Refrigerator Repair

Call All-Star Appliance Repair to fix major and minor problems for many of the most popular brands of refrigerators. Bring new life to your refrigerator with a quick and easy service call.

refrigerator repair in Summit County CO
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